+ 7000
Babies born in Nadezhda
+ 10
Board Certified Physicians
+ 1000
IVF cycles annually

Our team

We are a team of dreamers who are not easily scared of challenges. We are ready to start where others give up or do not know how to continue. We look into the roots of failure before drawing the strategy to success.

Reproductive medicine

We are a team of bright professionals, united by a common cause – to help you embrace your dream child. We believe that your treatment is a quest we must conquer together with you. That is why we take the time to explain every detail and analyse every aspect together. And again, together, we draw the strategy that would lead us to your victory.

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Outpatient offices

About Us

We are a team of dreamers who are not scared of challenges – we could not share your most happy moments of conception and the birth of a child or your darkest hours of fear for your health and your loved ones if we were not ready to stand by you and your family in times of trial.

We have been building Nadezhda not as just another hospital but as a place with a mission – to give you and your loved ones the best care you deserve!

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