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About Nadezhda hospital

We are a team of dreamers, and we are never scared of challenges – we would not be able to ask you to share the happiest moments of conception and birth with us, or the moments that are of the highest concern for your health, or the health of your loved ones, had we not been prepared to be with you and your family in times of trials.




We have been building Nadezhda not as just another hospital but as a place with a mission – to give you and your loved ones the best care you deserve!



The founder of Nadezhda Hospital is Dr Georgi Stamenov, and its Administrative Director is Aneliya Racheva, M.D. With their joint effort, they established Nadezhda Hospital as a leader in women’s health.


Awards and achievements

Over the years, Nadezhda’s management and specialists have found recognition in a number of prestigious rankings. Among the team’s achievements is Nadezhda’s international accreditation for training obstetrics and gynecology residents from all over Europe.