about us


We are a team of dreamers who are not scared of challenges – we could not share your most happy moments of conception and the birth of a child or your darkest hours of fear for your health and your loved ones if we were not ready to stand by you and your family in times of trial.

We have been building Nadezhda not as just another hospital but as a place with a mission – to give you and your loved ones the best care you deserve!


“Nadezhda” Women’s Health Hospital is a leading healthcare establishment in Sofia, the capital city of Bulgaria, that offers world-quality medical care for the whole family.


The beginning was in 2005, when the Nadezhda Reproductive Health Center was established, which in 2013 grew into the Nadezhda Hospital.


In its nine years of history, Nadezhda Hospital has been continuously growing to meet its patients’ needs – from conception through pregnancy and birth, through to old age.


The hospital features a fertility clinic, obstetrics and gynaecology ward, unit for maternal-fetal medicine, maternity and neonatology wards, surgery ward, medical imaging unit, ICU, a medical oncology clinic, as well as eight state-of-the-art labs.


For nine years, more than 950 000 patients have been served by our team, and more than 15 thousand babies were born.


The IVF clinic of Nadezhda Hospital is the jewel in the crown! The largest in the country, it sees more than 5 thousand IVF cycles per year, and the average success rate is 40%, higher than the rest of Europe. In patients under 30, the clinical pregnancy rate is 45%, and the take-home-baby rate is 41%. Success rates for patients aged 30 to 39 are 39% for clinical pregnancies and 35% for live births. In women over 39, the clinical pregnancy rate after IVF is 25%, resulting in 19% live births.


More than 500 international couples seek fertility treatment at the hospital every year.


The hospital team keeps up with modern research in the field of reproductive medicine


Dr. Georgi Stamenov – head of the clinic of reproductive medicine: „For the first time in Bulgaria, we introduced our novel method for assessment of the implantation window, which does not rely on genetic testing. The implantation window is the period during which the endometrium, covering the inside of the uterus, is ready for embryo implantation. As a result, we perform quicker testing and hundreds of successful IVF cycles in couples with recurring implantation failure (RIF).“


The Research Centre of the hospital is continually working on innovative approaches that could improve the chances for success in IVF. Novel functional tests for assessment and selection of spermatozoa were developed, which are especially beneficial in cases of severe male factor infertility, like the zona-selection method. Embryoscopes, the most advanced time-lapse systems, are used to monitor embryo development in real-time.


Nadezhda hospital was the first in Bulgaria to introduce in-house preimplantation genetic testing of embryos in IVF. The accuracy of chromosome analysis by next-generation sequencing (NGS) is 99%. This new technology allows us to detect various defects and identify healthy embryos with better chances for a successful pregnancy in over 50 monogenic diseases. These are typically severe inherited diseases with a high risk of transmission in offspring.


We performed preimplantation genetic testing for Huntington’s disease in a couple where the father was the mutation carrier.


In this case, the mutation was dominant, which means that half of this father’s offspring would develop the disease when they reach adulthood. At present, there is no cure for Huntington’s, nor is there any method to slow down the disease onset. Thanks to preimplantation diagnosis, our patients are now happy parents to a healthy   baby.


Nadezhda Hospital has its own program for IVF with donor eggs and sperm. In Bulgaria, gamete donation is anonymous and strictly monitored by  the competent authorities. The success rates of egg donor IVF cycles at the hospital are very high. The cumulative success rate after up to 3 embryo transfers is over 70%.


Dr. Jawdat Makki – andrologist, urologist: „Our practice shows that male and female factors are equally present in couples with fertility issues. In the Andrology sector, we apply all modern treatment modalities, medical as well as surgical. In our vast experience, we have had cases of patients with azoospermia, where we were able to retrieve no more than five living spermatozoa through testicular biopsy. Nevertheless, following ICSI fertilization, the couples had healthy babies.“


Nadezhda Hospital has an ISO-certified, high-tech cryobank for the long-term storage of sperm, oocytes, and embryos. The clinic offers fertility preservation options for patients with cancer and autoimmune and rheumatoid diseases.


Gynaecologists with top qualifications and expertise perform reproductive surgery, including office hysteroscopy, hysteroscopy, and laparoscopy. All our fertility consultants are also skilled gynecological surgeons experienced in fertility-saving techniques. This is a huge advantage, because if your case requires surgical treatment, you won’t have to be referred to a third-party provider but will be taken care of by your treating specialist. We have a long record of successful minimally invasive treatment of all uterine pathologies, including endometriosis.


Since October 2018, Nadezhda Hospital has been accredited by the European Board and College of Obstetrics and Gynecology (EBCOG) as a European training centre in Obstetrics and Gynecology. Since June 2019, Nadezhda is also a European training centre in Reproductive medicine jointly accredited by EBCOG and ESHRE, the most influential professional organization of specialists in Assisted reproduction. We are proud to be among the few privately owned medical institutions in Europe that hold these accreditations.


Nadezhda Hospital is one of few private medical institutions in Europe that holds joint EBCOG/ESHRE accreditation as a European training centre in Obstetrics and Gynecology, as well as Reproductive medicine.


We are innovators with a modern approach! We are Nadezhda hospital because Nadezhda means hope, and when Faith meets hope, life will find a way! We don’t treat you like a case; we treat you like family!