отделение Реанимация и интензивно лечение на болница "надежда"

Anaesthesiology and Intensive Care Department (AICD)

The Anaesthesiology and Intensive Care Department at Nadezhda Hospital is located next to the Operating Theatre Unit and the Delivery Units. It has 8 intensive care beds, 7 of them in a common intensive care room and one in a separate intensive care unit, as well as a room for postoperative monitoring of patients after anaesthesia administration in the event of one-day surgery.


About the Department

AICD provides for the hospital’s needs in respect of the administration of anaesthesia for all types of interventions that require it, as well as for intensive postoperative care and treatment.

The physicians working at the department are proven specialists with many years of experience, holding the necessary certificates of competence in their specialty. Nurses assigned to the IACD are specially trained to assist the anaesthesiologists of the department in administering anaesthesia during various surgical interventions as well as in intensive care and post-operative monitoring of patients

The department provides round-the-clock highly skilled and specialized, inpatient and outpatient medical activities, performed in planned and emergency order.

All operating theatres are equipped with central gas and vacuum installation, the latest generation of anaesthetic machines, haemodynamic monitors, and defibrillators.

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лекар анестезиолог на болница "Надежда" минава на визитация в отделение ОАИЛ

Methods of anaesthesia

All modern methods of anaesthesia are used in the department, the most used being general endotracheal anaesthesia, general intravenous anaesthesia, and regional anaesthesia – epidural and spinal, as well as a combination of these when required.

Endotracheal anaesthesia is used in all surgical interventions with abdominal access, those requiring longer duration, certain emergency surgical procedures, etc.

The regional techniques – spinal and epidural anaesthesia, are used primarily in obstetrics for anaesthesia of normal labour and during Caesarean section.

General venous anaesthesia is for short-term surgical interventions, in one-day surgery and in assisted reproduction procedures.

A mandatory anaesthetic consultation is performed before any intervention requiring anaesthesia.

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Stay at AICD

Your attending physician will inform you in detail how your postoperative period and your stay at AICD is expected to go. The length of stay at the department varies depending on the type and extent of the surgical intervention.

жена ражда по нормален механизъм в болница "Надежда"


Anaesthesia during childbirth

In normal physiological labour, epidural (with insertion of an epidural catheter) or intravenous anaesthesia is used.

Spinal, epidural, combined spinal and epidural anaesthesia, and general intubation anaesthesia may be administered at caesarean section.





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