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Virtual colonoscopy

Virtual colonoscopy is an imaging study that allows a detailed view of the colon to be performed using CT and air filling through a tube. The virtual images are very similar to those obtained by using conventional colonoscopy.

Виртуална колоноскопия - детайлен оглед на дебелото черво с помощта на компютърна томография в болница "Надежда"

IMPORTANT! Virtual colonoscopy is a completely non-invasive examination and therefore does not provide the opportunity to collect material for histological examination. In case a finding is detected in the colon that needs to be histologically specified, the performance of conventional colonoscopy to provide biopsy material is mandatory.

The advantage of virtual colonoscopy is that it provides detailed information about the presence of changes not only inside the colon, but also in the neighbouring area on the outside of the colon wall.  The procedure is quick, requires no hospital stay, and is completely painless.

The virtual colonoscopy requires preparation related to the thorough cleaning of the colon, which you will be informed about when you make an appointment for the test through the call centre of the hospital or the Registry Office sector.

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