лекар с бяла престилка държи хапчета в ръце


Medical abortion

Termination of pregnancy at will in Bulgaria is possible according to the current legislation up to the 12-th gestational week. After this gestational age, abortion is not permitted in our country, except in cases where there are medical indications in this respect. You should ask your physician about the risks and possible complications of terminating a pregnancy before you decide to undergo this procedure.


About the procedure

At Nadezhda Hospital, termination of pregnancy is carried out by the administration of tablets (the so-called medical abortion). Suitable for the procedure are women who are up to 7 gestational weeks pregnant and who wish to terminate their pregnancy for medical indications (hollow egg, retained abortion) or at will.


Medicines registered by the Bulgarian Drug Agency, which indicated only for such administration, are used to perform this procedure.


The procedure is performed by qualified physicians, members of the Bulgarian Association of Contraception and Safe Abortion, the International Federation of Contraception and Abortion Specialists – FIAPAC, with extensive clinical experience in performing medication abortion.

жена държи в ръцете си хапче за медикаментозен аборт

At Nadezhda Hospital, our priority is to offer you high quality medical care, in line with the best medical practices and innovations in medicine, as well as with the current legal regulations applicable in the country.

A pill abortion avoids anaesthesia and surgical intervention (curettage), as well as their associated risks.


The procedure has a high success rate of about 96%.

You can contact Nadezhda Hospital call center by calling: 02 441 79 70, 0882 193 970 or ask your attending physician at Nadezhda Hospital for further information.

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