д-р Георги Стаменов извършва лапароскопия в операционна на болница "надежда"


Operative gynaecology

The surgical activity of the Department of Gynecology is carried out in the operating theaters of Nadezhda, equipped with high-tech equipment and instrumentation to perform the full range of operations in the field of gynaecology:


What are you guaranteed to get in Nadezhda if you need surgical treatment of a gynaecological disease?

The application of diagnostic and therapeutic surgical interventions for the early detection and diagnosis of a number of gynaecological diseases (benign and malignant);


The use of minimally invasive diagnostic methods in all cases where this is possible, with the aim of rapid recovery, shorter hospital stays and rapid return to a normal lifestyle;


Performing surgical interventions endoscopically instead of open abdominal access in all cases where this is possible;


The use of high-tech equipment and instrumentation for both endoscopic and “open” surgery;


A team of specialists with a narrow specialization in the different areas of gynaecology (conservative and operative), who have many years of experience in the diagnosis and treatment of gynaecological diseases;


The human support of our team of people, who are always willing to talk and provide you with help and support in difficult moments.


д-р Георги Стаменов извършва лапароскопия в операционна на болница "надежда"



Laparoscopy is an endoscopic surgical technique that uses a small cut in the abdominal wall through which a laparoscope is introduced inside the body. The laparoscope is a long thin tube (only a few millimetres in diameter) with a tiny camera at the end, used to visualise the abdominal cavity. 

д-р Георги Стаменов извършва диагностична хистероскопия в операционна на болница "Надежда"



Hysteroscopy is employed as a diagnostic method or a surgical treatment modality in some conditions. It is a detailed review of the uterine cavity utilising an optical telescope called a hysteroscope.

Д-р Георги Стаменов извъшва офис хистероскопия в болница "Надежда"


Office hysteroscopy

Office hysteroscopy is a minimally invasive procedure carried out in an outpatient setting without anaesthesia, which uses a mini-camera to inspect the female genital tract.

Д-р Георги Стаменов извъшва лазерна офис хистероскопия в болница "Надежда"


Laser office hysteroscopy

Nadezhda hospital also offers laser office hysteroscopy. This is a minimally invasive procedure, which uses a diode laser for the surgical removal of polyps and myomas. The procedure is performed in an office setting, without general anaesthesia.

д-р Ваня Атанасова и д-р Георги Стаменов извършват гинекологична операция в болница "Надежда"


Classical Surgery (Open Technique)

Sometimes, although they can be done laparoscopically, it is better to do some of the surgeries using the open surgery method (e.g. an endometriotic cyst fused to the bowel). In other cases, laparoscopy is preferable (e.g. tubal ligation). Your attending physician will decide which of these approaches is optimal in your case.

Д-р Любомир Христов извършва серклаж в операционна в болница "Надежда"



Cerclage is an operative technique to keep pregnancy as close to term as possible (37-th gestational week) by mechanical support of the cervix – plating the vaginal part of the cervix or the cervical canal.


Cerclage can be applied for prophylactic or therapeutic purposes.

д-р Ваня Атанасова извършва абразио в операционна на болница "Надежда"


Abrasion/ curettage

It is used to remove an undeveloped pregnancy (missed abortion, “hollow egg”); terminate an unwanted pregnancy ; remove a polyp ; diagnose pre-cancerous and cancerous diseases (in the case of a “bad” pap smear/ colposcopy/ biopsy), bleeding or ultrasonographic evidence of a thick uterine lining at menopause.

Consultant gynaecologists

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