Hospital Pharmacy

The Hospital Pharmacy of Nadezhda Hospital procures and provides all medicines, sterile supplies, and medical devices necessary for the operation of the hospital and for the stay of patients in the departments, and it also submits the necessary drug information to the medical team.


About the Hospital Pharmacy

The Hospital Pharmacy is located on level -1, as the access thereto is restricted. Its premises and equipment meet all regulatory requirements concerning the responsible and safe storage of medicines and medical supplies.

The Hospital Pharmacy is licensed for storage and provision of narcotic drugs, and pharmacopeial and magistral prescriptions may be prepared at the Pharmacy.

The hospital pharmacy is open every weekday between 08:00 and 16:00, and Master Pharmacists are available at other times as well.


IMPORTANT! Please note that the Hospital Pharmacy provides medicines only for Nadezhda Hospital inpatients or prepares medications on magistral prescriptions ordered by the attending physician for outpatients of the hospital. It does not sell medicines freely.

Pharmaceutical care for patients of the Medical Oncology Clinic

Master Pharmacists at the Hospital Pharmacy have acquired a specialty in Clinical Pharmacy, which gives them the knowledge, expertise, and authority to provide safe, secure, and responsible pharmaceutical care for the patients of the Medical Oncology Clinic – both those undergoing systemic drug therapy (infusions) and those receiving oral chemotherapy (in the form of oral tablets).  This is the first hospital pharmacy in Bulgaria that has the knowledge and ability to provide pharmaceutical care to patients receiving oral chemotherapy.  The plan by which we provide this care is structured according to the SOAP (Subjective Information, Objective Information, Assessment, Plan) concept.


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