Maternity Department

At Nadezhda Hospital you will find delivery rooms that are unique of of their kind in the country, combining high quality medical care from specialists with extensive experience and the freedom to determine the way you will give birth. 


Our Maternity Department combines a delivery room, where you will go for natural or operative birth, and a postnatal clinic, where your stay after birth is organised.


Delivery rooms for normal birth

If you are admitted for a normal birth in Nadezhda delivery rooms, you will spend the hours leading up to meeting your newborn in an environment as close to home as possible, with the support of your loved one and discreet supervision on the part of our team.

Nadezhda’s delivery rooms meet the most up-to-date medical requirements, combining the possibility of intensive medical intervention with the comfort and convenience of home.


Specialized operating room for Caesarean section

At Nadezhda there is a specially designed and equipped operating room for Caesarean section births, with a resuscitation section for primary resuscitation care of newborns in a serious condition.

In addition to this room, in case of an emergency Caesarean section may be performed in the emergency operating room or in the other two operating rooms.


Postnatal clinic

After your postnatal observation period – in the Delivery Room (for natural birth) and in the Resuscitation Room (for Caesarean section), you will be aided to start moving properly and transferred to the Postnatal Clinic.

In the Postnatal Clinic, it is advisable for healthy newborns and healthy mothers to be together at all times, except during the morning newborn visit by physicians and during the hours when the babies are being toileted.

Visit the ward in person within our Open Door Days initiative and you will have the opportunity to see the facilities for yourself.


+ 7000
Babies born in Nadezhda
+ 10
Board Certified Physicians
+ 1000
IVF cycles annually


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