майка прегръща новородено след нормално раждане в болница "Надежда"

Maternity Department

At Nadezhda Hospital you will find delivery rooms that are unique of of their kind in the country, combining high quality medical care from specialists with extensive experience and the freedom to determine the way you will give birth. 


Our Maternity Department combines a delivery room, where you will go for natural or operative birth, and a postnatal clinic, where your stay after birth is organised.



The Nadezhda team is open to discussing with expectant mothers all their requests and expectations and support them as much as possible from a medical perspective. 


Admission checklist

Although we at Nadezhda provide everything you need for a pleasant and comfortable stay after the birth, there are still things you will need or prefer to take with you from home.


Delivery rooms

At Nadezhda, you will find delivery rooms, combining the necessary equipment and devices with an environment as close to home as possible.There is a specially designed and equipped operating room for Caesarean section births, with a resuscitation section for primary resuscitation care of newborns in a serious condition.


Normal birth

At Nadezhda, you have the option of choosing how your normal birth will proceed – with the administration of medication to manage labour and medical pain relief (including epidural and spinal pain relief/anaesthesia) or in a completely natural manner without any medical intervention and the administration of medication. 


Caesarian section

A C-section (or caesarean birth) is a surgical procedure used to deliver a baby when a vaginal delivery can’t be done safely. A C-section can be planned ahead of time or performed in an emergency.


Stay in the Postnatal clinic

Depending on how your birth proceeded, your stay in the Postnatal Clinic will vary in length – usually it would be three nights after a normal birth and four after a Caesarean section. 


Postnatal care home visits

We would like to help you feel confident and relaxed not only at the hospital, but afterwards in your home. A calm mother also means a calm baby.

In addition, this service is performed in the comfort of your own home, for the length of time needed and provides comfort in terms of recovery.

+ 7000
Babies born in Nadezhda
+ 10
Board Certified Physicians
+ 1000
IVF cycles annually



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