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Admission checklist

In view of the currently banned visits by external persons at Nadezhda Hospital, we recommend:


Hospital bag checklist

Although we at Nadezhda provide everything you need for a pleasant and comfortable stay after the birth, as well as the necessary medical supplies for you and the newborn, there are still things you will need or prefer to take with you from home. Here it is, our list for the Maternity Department:

  • ID card;
  • Exchange card from Antenatal Consultation;
  • Hospitalization referral N. 7 issued by the Antenatal Consultation Unit (in the event of emergency admission, the referral is issued by the hospital);
  • Documents required for the issue of the baby’s birth certificate – photocopy of the father’s ID card and photocopy of the civil marriage certificate (if available);
  • Test results:
    • Complete blood count – not later than 7 days before delivery;
    • Testing for Wass, HbSAg, HIV with a 6 month time limit;
    • Blood group.
  • Flip-flops/slippers and towel;
  • Pads – highly absorbent, night pads recommended;
  • A mobile phone and a charger;
  • Toothbrush and toothpaste;
  • Nursing pads;
  • Cream to prepare your nipples;
  • Your cosmetics;
  • Tea cup;
  • Underwear.

The hospital will provide you with nightdress specifically designed for your stay with us, as well as a gown. You do not need to bring nightdresses from home.


Remember to take:

  • Contact lenses or glasses (if you wear any)
  • A photocopy of the father’s ID card and civil marriage certificate, if you have one;
  • If you do not have a civil marriage, after the birth, the father needs to submit to the Information Sector a notarized declaration of acknowledgment of the newborn.


  • Blanket, baby port or swaddling clothes;
  • Clothes for the baby according to the season;
  • Baby car basket (carried by the father at discharge).


  • Clothes and shoes for discharge;
  • Outerwear for you.

IMPORTANT! In the event of an epidemic, please prepare discharge clothing for you and your baby in advance if possible. Fetch them when you arrive at the hospital. We recommend that you limit your luggage to the essentials.


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