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Birth plan

We know that when birth is imminent, a pregnant woman has a thousand questions about exactly how things will happen, so that the first time with the expected baby can be happy and unspoiled. The Nadezhda team is open to discussing with expectant mothers all their requests and expectations and support them as much as possible from a medical perspective. 


Here you will find a birth plan developed by our specialists, which you can download and after completing it discuss with your supervising obstetrician-gynecologist or in individual consultation with the obstetrician  Nadezhda Stamenova.  


Discussed and completed in this manner, the birth plan can be used during labor and your attending team will try to respect your wishes in it as much as possible.
All of Nadezhda  Hospital team are specially selected and trained to meet the medical needs and emotional needs of each birthing woman as well as possible..


All teams of Nadezhda Hospital staff are specially selected and prepared to meet the medical needs and emotional needs of each woman, who’s giving birth.

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