нормално раждане в болница "Надежда"

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Normal birth

We know that when the first birth is imminent, a pregnant woman has a thousand questions about how things will happen exactly, so that the first time with the expected baby can be happy and unspoiled. The Nadezhda team is open to discussing with expectant mothers all their requests and expectations, and support them as much as possible from a medical perspective. Each pregnant woman can draw up her own birth plan, to which we adhere as strictly as possible.


Normal birth feels as if you were in your own home

At Nadezhda, you have the option to choose how your normal birth will proceed – with the use of medication to manage labour and medicated pain relief, or completely natural – without medical intervention and the use of medication. In the event that unexpected complications occur, you will be informed of their nature and the need for the administration of medication or surgical intervention to manage them. The physicians and midwives we have invited to work at Nadezhda have proven that they know how to both patiently and lovingly guide a woman through the long hours of normal labor, as well as handle operative labour, including in cases requiring emergency intervention.

At Nadezhda the hospital environment is as close to home as possible, and you can be supported in giving birth calmly and confidently, with these seemingly small, but in reality crucial details:

Water intake is important for the well-being of the labouring woman and for the normal course of the birthing process. Prepare a small water bottle with a sports tip for comfortable consumption even in the supine position. Take water in small sips, moistening your mouth and throat well.

With prolonged labour and lack of feeding, you need glucose intake to ensure effective uterine contractions. You can receive glucose with intravenous infusion of solution or through sugar candy.

It is a good idea to have a comfortable bath towel and slippers with you that allow for wetting. A warm shower hydrates and refreshes the labouring woman, and the directed warm stream of water on tense and painful areas helps to naturally numb and relax them. Each of our delivery rooms has a bathroom and a hand-held shower.

Movement during the first stage of labour (the stage of cervical dilation and lowering the baby’s head into the pelvis) aids the birthing process, reducing the sensation of pain and tension. Two of our delivery rooms are equipped with birthing balls and a sling for support, and in the third room we also have a Swedish wall and mattresses for complete freedom in the movements of the labouring woman in normal active labour.

Aromatic oils are another aid to achieving good relaxation. Take your favourite fragrance with you. The most suitable oils for aromatherapy in childbirth are geranium, lavender, neroli, rose, ylang-ylang, jasmine. You may bring a scented lamp with you, rub drops of the oils on your skin, inhale from a lightly scented cloth.

A blues-like dance with your partner to the sounds of your favorite music will make you feel better and will naturally speed up the opening of the cervix and the descending of the baby into the pelvis. For this purpose, prepare your chosen music on a suitable medium – a flash drive. By dancing, you will also involve your partner emotionally in the birthing process.

Even if you have chosen to go through this stage of labour alone, your favorite music can give you the confidence and peace of mind so needed at this time.

Strong, bright light may be a strong irritant during childbirth. Dimming the light in the delivery room will reduce your stress level and further create an intimate environment. Feel free to signal us to turn down the lights or lower the soft window curtains completely – we have chosen them specifically to bring you relief at this time.

If the presence of medical staff is disturbing you, you may ask the team to keep their presence in the room to a minimum. Baby’s heart tones when the obstetric monitor is switched on can be monitored by the obstetricians without being directly present in the room. At the same time, you’ll have peace of mind that our team is at your fingertips if you need help and support.

Our recommendations, if you are not a patient of Nadezhda hospital

If you are not monitoring your pregnancy at Nadezhda Hospital, but would like to trust us for the timing of your baby’s birth, we recommend booking an appointment to see one of our specialists at 36-th gestational week, so that we can follow up on your current condition, review your pregnancy-related medical history, and discuss your concerns together.

At the examination you need to bring:

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