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Postnatal care home visits

We believe that the birth of your child is one of life’s most special moments.

We know that when you first have a newborn you have a number of questions about your child’s condition, breastfeeding, belly button, bathing, dry or sore skin areas, breathing, activity, etc. We know you also have concerns about your condition after birth, about breast milk, breasts, lochiae.


We would like to help you feel confident and relaxed not only at the hospital, but afterwards in your home. A calm mother also means a calm baby.

In addition, this service is performed in the comfort of your own home, for the length of time needed and provides comfort in terms of recovery.

Last but not least, in an epidemiological setting, such a service can provide the desired distance and therefore protection for you and your family.

About the Postnatal care at home package

The cost of the Postnatal care at home visits is BGN 170 for a single visit or BGN 470 as a package.

The package price includes:

The visits are carried out by a midwife, equipped with the necessary professional equipment and supplies. They take place in three consecutive weeks after discharge, according to the working schedule of the midiwives.

After requesting and paying for the service, you will be contacted within 24 hours on a working day by a call center operator or a midwife to set up a consultation date via Viber or directly the date of the home visit.

During the visit, a midwife will perform check-ups on the mother and baby and make adjustments and give advice if necessary.

Надежда Стаменова консултира родилка и новородено по време на акушерски патронаж

Postpartum mother:


  • Your general condition – RR, pulse, temperature, swells;
  • recovery of the surgical wound or perineal sutures;
  • the condition and extent of the uterine and vaginal resuming of their normal condition;
  • the type and amount of lochial discharge;
  • the condition of the haemorrhoidal ring;
  • the condition of the breasts;
  • the condition and recovery of the genital system;
  • the state of lactation and lactation;

Assessment of psychological state will be made using the Edinburgh scale, a method of examining the emotional and psychological state of the young mother.

If necessary, samples will be taken for examination of a lochial swab or blood samples, which are outside this package; suture removal, toileting, wound dressing.

Надежда Стаменова проверява пъпния остатък на новородено по време на акушерски патронаж

The baby:


  • General condition of the newborn, weight measurement;
  • Assessment of condition and care of umbilical cord;
  • Genital condition and hygiene;
  • Condition of skin and mucous membranes;
  • General tone and reflexes;
  • Feeding regimen and adjustments to latching and feeding- position, Method of latching, frequency;
  • Tending regime – waking, sleeping, walking and tempering.

Non-invasive tests – ear/eye swab for microbiology, non-contact bilometry will be performed if necessary, which are outside this package.

If any serious abnormalities are found and cannot be corrected at home, or if medication or specific medical intervention is required, referral will be made for examination and treatment with the appropriate medical professional, which is outside the scope of this package.

All midwives visit the home of the young mother only after prior and detailed clarification of the health status of the family and with the appropriate protective equipment – masks, goggles, gloves. The health status of the midwife is checked on a weekly basis. In case of any suspicion or presence of proven COVID 19 infection in the young mother or her family member, postnatal care activities shall be terminated.

Important! The Postnatal care at home service does not waive the need to schedule your child with a paediatrician to visit you at home in the first days after birth and does not waive the need for a follow-up ultrasound with an OB/GYN.

If you have any questions, feel free to ask the midwives or email [email protected].

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