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Stay in the Postnatal Clinic

Depending on how your birth proceeded, your stay in the Postnatal Clinic will vary in length – usually it would be three nights after a normal birth and four after a Caesarean section. During this time you will be under medical supervision, and we will not only monitor your recovery but will also support you to successfully start breastfeeding.


Stay after normal birth

 In a normal birth, after the postnatal observation period has passed and you and your baby are settled, you will be transferred to the Postnatal Clinic.


In the Postnatal Clinic, healthy newborns and healthy mothers are together at all times, except during the morning visit of the newborns by physicians and during the hours when the babies are toileted. It is recommended that your baby stays with you at night – this way you can nurse the baby whenever he/she wants and ensure his/her continuous contact with you.

Stay after Caesarian section

After a surgical delivery, your stay in the intensive care unit will be between 6 and 24 hours at the discretion of the anaesthesiologist. When your condition permits, you will be allowed water intake and later you will be supported in moving. In the first few days after surgery you will have a pulling sensation and pain on getting up. Don’t worry – these are perfectly normal sensations that should not stop you moving around and will gradually pass. Before getting out of bed for the first time, it’s a good idea to do a few light stretches on different parts of the body in turn (arms, legs). Remember – getting up should always be smooth, with breaks, with your head and back straight. If you feel faint, stay in place, look for support to hold on to and breathe slowly and deeply!

During your stay in AICD, your baby is entrusted to the care of our peadiatricians and obstetricians in the Neonatology Department, where he or she gets everything he or she needs.

You will then be transferred to the Postnatal Clinic, where the Neonatology team will reunite you with your baby. It is recommended that your baby stays with you, including at night – this way you can nurse the baby whenever he/she wants and ensure his/her continuous contact with you.

VIP apartment

The VIP apartment is a specially designated area consisting of two rooms – a bedroom and a living room with a kitchen and a private terrace. It has a separate charge from the price of birth, and it is booked by prior arrangement through the hospital’s call center. Double accommodation is also possible for the apartment, i.e., you may have a companion with you. Please note that an overlapping is possible between  your booking date for the VIP apartment with the stay of a previous parturient, if the latter is medically required to have an extended hospital stay and is unable to vacate the apartment on the day of your admission.

About breastfeeding

During your stay at Nadezhda, the obstetricians from the Neonatology Department and Postnatal Clinic will help you to breastfeed your baby if you wish. 


Contact them with any questions or for support.


If necessary, upon your request or the recommendation of a physician, the baby may be fed with adapted milk prepared in the dairy kitchen of the Neonatology Department.


If you do not wish your child to receive adapted milk, you may state  your wishes and if your child’s health permits – they will be respected.


There are 20 mechanical and one electric breast pumps available for your use at the Postnatal Clinic, which are sterilized in the hospital Sterilization Room at 121 degrees.


You may also use a personal pump, if you bring one, and have it sterilized in the sterilizer available in the Postnatal Clinic canteen.


Home sterilisation equipment does not meet modern medical requirements for sterility. It is therefore inadvisable to use other people’s appliances/pumps/tips if they have not been sterilised in the hospital sterilisation room.


It is advisable to carry with you and use as necessary:

  • disposable absorbent pads in case of spontaneous breast milk leakage;
  • nipple cream (to contain pure medical grade lanolin and NOT to require washing off before breastfeeding).


The best food for the newborn is breast milk. It contains all the necessary nutrients and bio-active substances for the proper development of the child. Breast milk also contains a high percentage of water, so it is not necessary to give the infant any extra water.


It is recommended that the newborn is exclusively breastfed until the age of 6 months, but sometimes for a number of reasons this is not possible. When it is not possible for the child to receive the amount of breast milk needed for his/her age, it is either supplemented or switched entirely to formula feeding – food formulas designed to resemble breast milk. It is not recommended to give unadapted milk to children under 1 year of age because of the risk of allergy.


Irrespective of whether your baby will be receiving breastmilk or formula milk, use feeding times to bond with the baby.

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