About the clinic


The clinic employs doctors with many years of experience in the treatment of oncologic diseases, who in their practice use a wide range of imaging and laboratory tests to achieve accurate diagnosis and strict follow-up of the therapy being administered. All this ensures patients have access to state-of-the-art treatment, fully funded by the NHIF, with a relaxed hospital stay and under the care of a multidisciplinary team.


Drug treatment (chemotherapy, targeted therapy, immunotherapy) of breast, gynaecological and urological tumors, lung cancer, colon cancer, and other localizations, is administered in a modern working environment.


The clinic has a day outpatient facility and inpatient rooms, equipped with private bathrooms and a tablet in each bed, offering access to Internet and TV.


The Clinic of Medical Oncology at Nadezhda Hospital and its specialists are partners in demand  for research teams in international clinical trials for the development of new and advanced drugs in the field of oncology. Our patients often are among the first in Bulgaria to have the opportunity to receive treatment with the newest types of drugs, even before these drugs are routinely used.


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