About the Department

The Department is located on the blue floor of the hospital – level 2, specially designated for mothers and their babies. Access to the floor is restricted to outside visitors and is controlled through special visitor cards.

The Department has the necessary equipment for level III competence – 8 state-of-the-art respiratory ventilators; 3 non-invasive ventilators – the so-called nasal NIV; 1 device for primary resuscitation, which is used to resuscitate children in the delivery room (when intubation is necessary); 15 top-class infant incubators; 6 resuscitation tables (the so-called thermo plate) – с 4 of them are equipped in the three delivery rooms and the operating room for Caesarean section, two are available in the Neonatology Department.

We have sufficient number of monitors, transfusion pumps, phototherapy lamps, as well as a neonatal transport incubator, which shall be used to transfer newborns to another hospital in case an emergency surgical treatment is required.

Low birth weight newborn care

The state-of-the-art equipment provides thermal comfort, precise and automatic regulation of the oxygen level and humidity in the infant incubators, without risk to the newborns’ vision. State-of-the-art equipment and care are provided for low-weight newborns, along with the best medication treatments and best clinical practices. Surfactant therapy and breathing stimulant medications for prematurely born babies are administered, which accelerate the healing process.


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