майка държи за ръка новородено след нормално раждане в болница "Надежда"


What happens to the baby immediately after birth

Immediately after birth, the newborn is taken for examination by a neonatologist, it is measured, weighed, and given a bracelet with a unique number, which it will wear until the end of its hospital stay.


After normal delivery

Immediately after birth, the newborn is taken by an obstetrician and examined by a neonatologist, who also performs primary resuscitation if necessary. 

If the birth is natural, the child is left with his/her parents and after two hours is transferred with the mother to the Postnatal Unit.  To stimulate the mother-baby bond, it is advisable for them to stay together from this point on until their discharge, separating only for the morning visit by physicians at the Neonatology Department, and for the newborn’s toileting procedure.

Майка кърми новороденото си непосредствено след раждането в Родилна зала на болница "Надежда"
бебе непосредствено след раждане с Цезарово сечение в болница "Надежда"

After Caesarian section

When the birth is aided by Caesarean section, the neonatologist performs a primary examination of the newborn in the operating theatre, then the paediatric obstetricians and neonatologists take over the care of the newborn until the mother is transferred to the Postnatal Unit. 


Immediately after birth, the mother is transferred to the Anaesthesiology and Intensive Care Unit (Resuscitation Unit), where she wakes up after anaesthesia and prepares to see the child again in the afternoon, and, if she is feeling well, to put the baby on her breasts.

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