plastic surgery

Admission and stay at the Department

Admission to the Department is after primary consultation with associate professor Romanski at the Plastic Surgery Department in Nadezhda Medical Centre, within Paradise Centre. For this purpose, it is necessary to make an appointment through the call centre of the hospital or online through the website of Nadezhda.


Every patient who is admitted to the Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery Department is required to read in detail the informed consent for the respective plastic surgery. Each surgical intervention carries with it its own risks and it is necessary to familiarize yourself with them before deciding to undergo the respective intervention. Your plastic surgeon will inform you of the benefit-risk ratio of the plastic surgery you wish to undergo, as well as the expected side effects and complications.

Stay at the Department

The length of the hospital stay is determined by the specifics of the respective surgical intervention – for the mildest aesthetic surgeries it is usually 24-48 hours, for breast reconstructive surgeries with more complex combined techniques it is usually 5-7 days, and in cases of microvascular reconstructions – 7 days. The hospital stay for these operations is necessary to monitor the patient’s general condition in the early postoperative period, as well as to provide the necessary care in cases of complications.

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