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Plastic surgery procedures

The surgical activity of the Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery Department of Nadezhda Hospital is mainly related to reconstructive and aesthetic breast surgery, body contouring, aesthetic blepharoplasty, aesthetic rhinoplasty, ear correction (otoplasty, auriculoplasty), correction of retraction scars and defects obtained after trauma and burns.


Reconstructive microsurgery

Since 2020, Nadezhda Hospital has an operating microscope that allows the most complex plastic surgeries in the field of reconstructive microsurgery – free tissue transfer through microvascular anastomoses – connecting vessels with a thickness of less than 2 mm.   Free tissue transfer aims at filling and restoring defects. 

Reconstructive surgery comes into consideration not only after mastectomy (removal of the breast), when tissues are most often taken from the anterior abdominal region, but also to overcome the effects of trauma and burns, as well as defects with exposed bone.

Body contouring

Most of the Department’s patients are perfectly healthy people who resort to aesthetic correction of an area of their body that they perceive as “problematic”.  Most often, body contouring plastic surgery is used to overcome the effects of massive weight loss (weight changes of >30 kg) – excess skin is removed and sagging skin is corrected. Often in such cases it is necessary to perform stage operations – on the abdominal area (abdominoplasty), breasts, arms, lower limbs.


As a rule, the most problematic area of the body for the patient is started – some women, for example, are worried about the massive sagging of the bust after weight loss, others – about the formed abdominal apron.

Aesthetic breast augmentation / reduction surgeries

This type of surgery is related to the patient’s desire to improve the aesthetic appearance of her breasts, which she may find unsatisfactory for various reasons – insufficient volume, asymmetry, sagging after rapid weight loss or breastfeeding, etc. 

Your plastic surgeon will advise you on the recommended breast augmentation method in your case, as well as on the risks and possible complications that could arise in relation to the surgery.

Breast reduction is usually carried out when the patient wishes to improve the aesthetic appearance of her breasts, especially in cases of sudden weight loss, when they are very large and cause a sensation of heaviness in the patient and back pain. Breast reduction is combined with lifting and shaping to achieve an optimal aesthetic result.  This type of plastic surgery is associated with a shorter recovery period than breast augmentation, as well as less soreness in the early postoperative period.

Aesthetic facial surgery

Aesthetic blepharoplasty, aesthetic rhinoplasty, ear correction (otoplasty, auriculoplasty) are performed at the Department, with the latter most often performed under local anaesthesia without the need for hospital stay.

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