жена с положителен тест за бременност в "Надежда"

Pregnancy monitoring

Congratulations, you are pregnant!

You are about to embark on a 40-week adventure full of emotions and excitement. We, the team of Nadezhda Hospital, will be by your side at every stage of the journey to the most cherished moment of your life – the birth of your child.


The pregnancy monitoring includes examinations and tests to ensure adequate care for the pregnant woman and the baby. 

With proper monitoring of pregnancy and timely measures taken, many complications may be prevented, and a normal and uneventful delivery can be ensured, as well as reducing the risk to the health of the baby and the mother after delivery.


Antenatal care packages

For optimal follow-up of pregnancy, Nadezhda Hospital for Women’s Health offers a package service called “Antenatal Consultation”, which includes examinations and tests to ensure adequate care for pregnant women.


Preparing for a normal childbirth

If you want to proceed to your normal birth, being calm and prepared for what is to come, you have the opportunity for individual consultations with Nadezhda Stamenova – a specialist obstetrician with many years of inspiring experience in the delivery room and founder of the School for future parents of “Nadezhda”.



When the time comes to make an appointment with one of our obstetricians, who will take care of you and your baby during your pregnancy, you may make an appointment at the “Registration Office” at Nadezhda Hospital, or Nadezhda Medical Center at Paradise Center. You can discuss with them which Antenatal consultation package  you should request.




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