Надежда Стаменова с консултации за подготовка за нормално раждане


Preparing for a normal childbirth

If you want to proceed to your normal birth, being calm and prepared for what is to come, you have the opportunity for individual consultations with Nadezhda Stamenova – a specialist obstetrician with many years of inspiring experience in the delivery room and founder of the School for future parents of “Nadezhda”.


The birth of your precious child is one of life’s most special moments. Fears of the unknown and questions about this moment are many, and they have their logical and professional answers. You can learn everything that interests you in a personal meeting with obstetrician Nadezhda Stamenova and she can help you prepare and be calm for your delivery:

  • What are the steps when coming for delivery?
  • What happens from the moment you cross the threshold of the delivery room?
  • What are the types of contractions and what role do they play – preparatory, labor, postpartum, and how do you recognize true contractions and the beginning of labor?
  • What happens in the different stages of labor and how long does each last – cervical dilation stage, labor stage, placenta drop stage, bonding?
  • How to breathe and push properly?
  • How does childbirth take place with and without epidural anesthesia work?
  • When is an episiotomy required, depending on tissue distensibility capacity and baby size?
  • How to prepare the pelvic floor muscles for an easier birth, when to start, and are there contraindications?
  • What position to take during childbirth?
  • What can be done when the baby is in breech position?
  • Also many others.

The obstetrician Nadezhda Stamenova will read through your documents, perform pelvic examination, and you will have the opportunity to talk about everything important that you need in order to prepare for your childbirth to go smoothly.


Consultations to prepare for a normal birth with obstetrician Nadezhda Stamenova are appropriate from 35 gestational week onwards.


If you had not done follow-up with us during your pregnancy, you should bring documents containing this information.


You can also make an appointment to make a birth plan, in which case you will need to make an appointment for two consecutive consultations.


Consultations take place within 40 minutes.


You can book an appointment by calling the contact center: 02/4417990, 0882193970.

Nadezhda Stamenova

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