акушер-гинеколог на болница "Надежда" преглежда с ултразвук бременна пациентка



We have 26 doctors who do pregnancy monitoring at Nadezhda Hospital. The full list of their names can be found here.


At Nadezhda Hospital, we have 26 physicians, who take care of pregnancy monitoring of women who have chosen to share this wonderful stage of their lives with us.

When the time comes to make an appointment with one of our obstetricians, who will take care of you and your baby during your pregnancy, you may choose one of these 26, and make an appointment at the “Registration Office” at Nadezhda Hospital, or Nadezhda Medical Center at Paradise Center. You can discuss with them which Antenatal consultation package  you should request.

Occasionally, some of our specialists are fully booked in terms of the number of pregnant women they can follow up with in a given period, so you may choose one of the other 25, each of whom is an exceptional specialist. As part of our team, we select and invite only proven professionals.

Even our young specialist doctors in OB-GYN have medical training and experience abroad or exceptional knowledge and achievements in Bulgaria. They are active, searching, following the latest medical trends, already in active practice, and we trust them without reservation. Respectively I recommend them to pregnant women.
Or, as they say in the Facebook groups – you can’t really make a wrong choice!

The full list of their names can be found below on this page, along with their photos, which also lead to their brief introduction.

Who are the doctors who monitor pregnancy at "Nadezhda" (alphabetical list):




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