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Prenatal diagnosis and fetal therapy

The Department of Prenatal diagnosis and fetal therapy at Nadezhda Hospital offers a wide range of methods for prenatal diagnosis – invasive and non-invasive, and is equipped with modern, state-of-the-art ultrasound machines of the highest class.

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Non-invasive prenatal examinations

Non-invasive prenatal testing includes first trimester biochemical screening, foetal echocardiography, foetal morphology. In cases where these examinations raise suspicions about the presence of any congenital foetal genetic abnormalities, patients are recommended to undergo a screening DNA test.

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Invasive techniques for prenatal diagnosis

If necessary and after a doctor’s recommendation, a full range of invasive techniques for prenatal diagnosis is performed at Nadezhda Hospital – amniocentesis, chorionic biopsy, cordocentesis. Invasive prenatal diagnosis is recommended in cases of serious suspicions of a problem with the foetus, which cannot be proved categorically by the methods of non-invasive prenatal examinations.

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Fetal surgery

Nadezhda Hospital has invested in modern equipment and the attraction of leading specialists in the field to develop an important highly specialised area of prenatal medicine – fetal surgery. The procedures are performed by Christina Chacheva, M.D., head of the Department, with many years of experience in the largest German center for prenatal medicine in Bonn. She and her team make possible the treatment of foetal anaemia and laser therapy for foeto-foetal transfusion syndrome.

Our mission

For pathological findings, we strive, without influencing you, to provide you with the necessary detailed information to help you make a decision that is optimal for your life situation.

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