екип Хирурзи на болница "Надежда" по време на операция


The Surgery Department of Nadezhda Hospital has a team of established specialists with extensive experience in conventional and laparoscopic (bloodless) surgery.


About the Department

The Department works in close cooperation with all diagnostic units of the hospital:  diagnostics imaging; clinical, pathology, microbiology and virology laboratories; immunology sector, Medical Oncology Clinic, Local Oncology Committee. The operating theatres at the department are equipped with state-of-the-art highly specialized medical equipment – diode laser for performance of minimally invasive surgery with a number of advantages for the patient – less pain, less blood loss, faster recovery, without the risk of complications. The hospital stay rooms are equipped with an individual lavatory and a tablet in each bed, offering access to Internet and TV.

Surgical interventions

Surgeons at the Department perform a wide range of surgical interventions, including gastrointestinal, vascular, colorectal surgery, surgical treatment of hernias (ventral and inguinal), breast (in the presence of benign or malignant growths), soft tissue surgery, male genital surgery, laser proctology, and breast reconstruction after radical surgical treatment for breast cancer. In all cases where possible, surgical interventions are performed with a minimally invasive (laparoscopic) approach in order to speed up the patient’s recovery. The Department also has an endoscopy unit equipped with the latest generation equipment, with the ability to perform diagnostic and invasive fibrogastroscopy and fibrocolonoscopy.

Surgery treatment of oncological diseases

For patients with oncological diseases, there is the possibility of placing ports for chemotherapy, primary surgical treatment of oncologic diseases, treatment of surgical complications after primary surgery, radiation and chemotherapy. An algorithm has been developed for referral to the oncology committee and implementation of chemo- or radiotherapy before or after surgical intervention.

лекар и пациент обсъждат предстоящото лечение


Admission to Surgery Department

Admission to the Surgery Department may be planned or emergency. Elective admission is carried out after consultation with a surgeon in  admission-consulting room 012 on the ground floor of the hospital. Consulting Room on duty at level -1 shall be used for emergency admission at night, during weekends, or during a holiday.

медицинска сестра приема пациент в отделение Хирургия на болница "Надежда"


Stay at the Surgery Department

The inpatient rooms in the Surgery Department are comfortably furnished and specially equipped to aid the recovery process – each inpatient bed is configurable according to your individual preferences (lifting and folding) and is additionally equipped with a tablet for Internet and TV access. 


Major, medium and minor surgeries

According to the Medical Standard of Surgery, depending on their volume and complexity, surgeries may be minor, medium, major (complex) and most major (very complex). The types of surgeries performed at a medical facility depends on the level of competence of its Surgery Department.

лекар се подготвя да извърши ендоскопия в ендоскопското звено на болница "Надежда"


Endoscopic surgery

The endoscopy unit of Nadezhda is located on level -1 and is furnished with the latest generation equipment for performing diagnostic and therapeutic endoscopic procedures. The procedures are performed by Ivan Tsvetanski, M.D., – a specialist with many years of experience in endoscopic surgery.



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