Dr Anelia Racheva

Administrative director of Nadezhda Hospital

The beginning – April 6, 1967 in Troyan, somewhere under Mount Botev in the Balkans. Why in Troyan? At first glance it looks like a mere change. But there is nothing accidental in life. I am a child of the Balkans, and the mountain has always been a part of me. The toughest, sunniest, and the most turbulent part.


Then back home to Varna. By the sea. Infinite and thought-provoking. My main occupation was reading books, but in between I managed to graduate school with an English language profile, and then graduate from a medical university.


I love this quote from The Godfather by Mario Puzo: “Every man has but one destiny”. After all these years, I believe in it. Destiny has moved and shaken me up and down. I have seen and learned a lot. I stopped, I ran, I rambled. I had a lot of great friendships, and I experienced a lot of betrayals. I thank Destiny for all that happened.


It did teach me one most important thing. Every journey of a hundred steps begins with the first one.


Then, one day, Destiny introduced me to the Man Who Gives Hope. And he stretched out his hand and said, “Let’s give out hope together.”


So here I am – in the temple of Hope (Nadezhda). A harbor that I love so very much, a family that is near and dear to me. A sun that rises every day to shine on people’s lives.


Love – the greatest, overwhelming, unconditional, magical, my “living water” – Paula and Alexander.


Dr Anelia Racheva, M.D. Administrative Director, part of the mission and vision of Hospital Nadezhda since the very beginning – back when the hospital was just a construction project. She has worked tirelessly to ensure that Nadezhda Hospital grows, develops, and becomes one of the leaders in its field since 2013. She shares the belief that the team of people is the hospital’s most valuable asset. With their professionalism, dedication, and big hearts, the people for whom Nadezhda Hospital is no longer simply a hospital, it is the renewed hope for a new life.

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