Dr Kamelia Milcheva


Dr. Milcheva defended a master’s degree as a Medical Doctor from Sofia Medical University. in 2009. She started her specialization in clinical hematology in 2010 at the Clinic of Hematology of Military Medical Academy, under the supervision of prof. Yul. Raynov. She completed a specialty in Clinical Hematology in 2014 . Since 2018, she has been part of the team of the Hematology Clinic of the University Hospital for Hematology, and since 2020 she has been an assistant at the Stem Cell Transplantation Department of the same hospital, and is currently Head of that department.


She has participated in multiple national and international postgraduate forums, congresses and symposia – a course on Hemostasis and thrombophilia at the University of Birmingham, a course on immuno-oncology at Harvard Medical School, specialization in Efferent therapy–  St. Petersburg Medical University, Russia, has completed training programs for young hematologists at the European Association of Hematology – Master Class of 2013-2014, White Sys Master Class Thrombophilia in 2015. She has successfully passed the first hematology examination of the European Association of Hematology at the annual congress in Madrid in 2017. She has received the Young Hematologist award in two consecutive years, 2013 and 2014, within the annual Young Hematologist symposium, accredited by the European Association of Hematology.


She is a member of the Board of the Bulgarian Medical Association of Hematology, the Bulgarian Medical Association, the European Society of Hematology, the European Society for Blood and Marrow Transplantation.


Her professional interests are in the field of stem cell transplantation, hematology of pregnancy, immunohematology.

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