Dr Kamelia Pavlova-Maslarova

Head of Pregnancy Pathology Unit

Dr Pavlova graduated from the Medical University of Sofia in 1999. For the next two years, she worked at the Gastroenterology Department of Burgas Regional Hospital. From 2002 to 2006, she specialized in Obstetrics, Gynaecology and Reproductive Medicine at Maychin Dom Hospital of Obstetrics and Gynaecology, where she also was conferred her specialty. From 2006 to 2011, she worked as an obstetrician-gynaecologist at St. Sofia Hospital, and from 2011 to 2018 – in Germany, at the Department of Obstetrics and Gynaecology of the District Hospital in the town of Greiz, in oncogynecology, breast diseases, and obstetrics. In 2019 she joined the team of Nadezhda Hospital.


In Germany, K. Pavlova, M.D. has completed specialized courses in minimally invasive surgery – laparoscopy, hysteroscopy; breast ultrasonography; foetal morphology. Her professional interests and daily practice are related to work in the delivery unit, follow-up of high-risk pregnancies, women’s health prevention.

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