Dr Rumyana Todorova


Dr Rumyana Todorova is a dermatologist – venereologist. She graduated from the First English Language High School in Sofia. She is a graduate in medicine of Sofia Medical University as a specialist in skin and venereal diseases. She also holds a Master’s Degree in business management


Apart from the years in which she held administrative positions, she worked as a clinician in her specialty. She has worked as a specialist at an inpatient facility and in recent years has practiced only in an outpatient setting. She has been involved in children’s skin problems for many years, having specialized with leading paediatric dermatologists. She also has a particular interest in skin problems during pregnancy. Dr Todorova works in the areas of allergic, infectious, as well as autoimmune and vascular dermatoses.


She has participated in international conferences, congresses, and symposia.

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