Nadezhda Stamenova


Because of how much she loves babies, Nadezhda Stamenova graduated from the College of Obstetrics at Sofia Medical University of Sofia in 1998. Four days after the state exam, she was already working at the delivery unit of Maychin Dom University Hospital of Obstetrics and Gynaecology in Sofia.


She is very ambitious. She wants to increase her knowledge and skills every day, and she keeps adding to her CV. She added a course for an operating obstetrician, extensive knowledge in the field of addiction treatment, a diploma from Sofia University St. Kliment Ohridski as a special educator, as well as Healthcare Management Diploma from the Faculty of Public Health at Sofia Medical University.


In 2005, she became part of the team of the Reproductive Health Center Nadezhda and read lectures at the school for pregnant women “MA-MA”, together with the obstetrician Elena Vasileva. She continues practicing her favorite profession, but in another part of the maternity care process – antenatal preparation.


Since 2014, she has combined work at the delivery unit with childbirth preparation courses and newborn care at Nadezhda Hospital.

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