Prof. Ivan Shterev


Prof. Ivan Shterev graduated from Varna Medical University in 2000. From 2002 to 2007, he specialized in Internal Diseases. In 2008, he stayed in Japan as a doctoral student under a Japanese government program. In 2011, he graduated in Japan as a PhD in Medical Oncology after successfully defending his thesis titled Effect of PI3K inhibition on HGF – related resistance of lung adenocarcinoma to EGFR – tyrosine kinase inhibitors.

After returning to Bulgaria in the 2012 – 2015 period, he specialized in Medical Oncology. In 2015 he was awarded the academic position of Associate Professor in Medical Oncology. From 2005 to 2018, he has been a lecturer at the Department of Propedeutics of Internal Diseases of Varna Medical University. In the period 2016 – 2018 he was the Head of the Clinic of Medical Oncology at St. Marina University Hospital – Varna. In 2018, he was awarded the academic position of Professor in Medical Oncology. In the same year, he joined the team of the Medical Oncology Clinic of Nadezhda.

The main areas in which Professor Shterev has distinct scientific interests and undeniable contribution are the treatment of lung cancer – targeted and systemic therapy, adjuvant treatment of colorectal cancer, clinical trials in oncology, immunology, necroptosis, autophagy, resistance to targeted therapy, predictive biomarkers for sensitivity to chemo – and targeted therapy in oncology.

In his professional career, Professor Shterev has authored many different publications:

Monographs: 2

International textbooks (chapters) 2

Papers: more than 70

Reports: more than 30.

He participated in various significant scientific forums with author’s works:

– Tumor biology symposium, Kanazawa Japan 2010,

– 69th Annual Meeting of Japaneese Cancer Association. 2010 September, Osaka, Japan

– American Association for Cancer Research Special Conference. 2011 February USA,

– ESMO 2016, 2018 – 2021

– ASCO 2018 – 2021

– European Respiratory Society – 2020

The following international scientific journals send some of their papers to Professor Shterev prior to their publication for his opinion and review:

1.Cellular Physiology and Biochemistry – Karger

Impact Factor 5.5

2.Clinical and Translational Oncology – Springer – Nature,Federación de Sociedades Españolas de Oncología (FESEO), Spain

Impact Factor – 2.7

3.Molecular and Cellular Biochemistry – Springer – Nature

Impact Factor – 2.8

4.Current Psychology – Springer – Nature

Impact Factor – 2

  1. Forum of Clinical Oncology(FCO), the official scientific journal of the Hellenic Society of Medical Oncology.
  2. Exploration of Targeted Anti – tumor Therapy
  3. Aging

Impact Factor – 5.4, USA

  1. International Journal of General Medicine IF – 1.3
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