Semen analysis

 For the fertility consultant to make a good decision about the individual treatment strategy for each couple, it is necessary to check and follow up on several tests. Semen analysis is usually the first test assigned to check for fertility issues with the male partner. In more than one-third of infertile couples, male factor is the underlying cause of difficulty conceiving.


Semen analysis provides information about the number and quality of spermatozoa.

After assessing the test results, the fertility consultant and the specialists from the andrology lab can conclude whether spontaneous conception can occur or poor semen parameters could be responsible for infertility.


We recommend that you do the semen analysis in the fertility clinic you have chosen for your treatment.

What to do before semen analysis?

You need to book an appointment for the semen analysis by phone or in person at the Registration desk.

It is recommended that you abstain from intercourse for two to three days.Analysis results are most precise within this period. With more prolonged abstinence, there is a risk that results are compromised, and semen parameters could come significantly worse without a way to identify the cause.

When you arrive at the hospital, you have to register for your appointment at the Registration desk with your ID card. After registration, you will be sent to the andrology lab after receiving a user ID and password for accessing your hospital profile. You can use these to access your results online.

Suppose you and your partner have an appointment for a primary consultation with a fertility specialist. In that case, it would be good that you have the semen analysis results ready by the day for which this appointment is scheduled. This will allow the medical team to decide the best approach and make an adequate individual treatment plan for your case. At Nadezhda Hospital, semen analysis is done typically in the afternoon, with results of basic semen analysis coming out by the end of the day. Results of extended semen analysis, including sperm morphology by Krueger’s strict criteria, come out the next day, and semen analysis with an SDI test is ready after one week.

On your first visit to the Andrology lab, you will fill in a questionnaire that remains in your file. The information collected by the questionnaire is strictly confidential. It is used by your treating consultant and the team of biologists only as grounds for the medical team’s decision-making regarding the next steps and treatment recommendations. The questionnaire includes both partners’ information and any previous semen analysis tests or treatments. We need details about your overall health, medical history, lifestyle and working conditions. Anything that you write in this form is used solely by our team for adequate diagnosis and treatment. A patient file is opened for you, holding copies of all tests done at our centre. All those tests are essential and are needed to monitor the forthcoming treatment.

NB! The results of all your semen analysis tests done at our Andrology lab are available in your online hospital profile, which you can access anytime using your user ID and password provided by the Registration desk.

What is semen analysis?

Semen samples are collected by masturbation in dedicated collection rooms. These are located next to the Andrology lab and are connected with it.

Before producing the ejaculate, you must wash your hands and genitals.

The material is collected in a sterile container and is handed over to a biologist from the Andrology lab.

Semen analysis is performed by specially trained biologists, who observe strict processing and analysis procedures to guarantee correct results.

The key parameters assessed are:

Normal parameters

Normal parameters can vary across different laboratories and individual semen analysis tests (spermatogenesis is a continuous process, taking up to 72-78 days to complete).

Krueger's strict morphology analysis

In this test, sperm are stained by a special method. Staining allows a more precise evaluation of sperm defects. The preparation is then evaluated under a microscope, and spermatozoa are described into different categories depending on whether they have normal morphology or the type of defects they exhibit.

Most frequent diagnoses or, what can I see in the analysis results

All semen parameters are within the normal range.

A low sperm count.

 Reduced sperm motility

The presence of abnormal sperm morphology

No detectable sperm in the ejaculate.

Test results

Results of standard semen analysis take one business day, while Krueger’s strict morphology test is ready in two business days. All test results are accessible online via your hospital profile. If you have questions, you can contact the team of Andrology lab in Office 9 every business day between 8:00 and 18:00.

If the results are bad the first piece of advice is to repeat the analysis after some time to follow up if the results will be confirmed. The bad results may reflect a temporary state of things. Semen parameters tend to vary to some extent. Sometimes bad results can be caused by an unknown side factor that temporarily affects the parameters analysed.

Lab test results

You can acces your lab test results here:

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