Histopathology lab

Histopathology is part of medicine dealing with tissue diagnosis in various diseases and achieving a definitive diagnosis based on specimens received.

биолог работи над спермограма в болница "Надежда"

The lab receives all tissue and cell samples needed for diagnostics – at Nadezhda hospital, those are samples from the female reproductive system and surgical samples from various locations:

The results of the histopathological analysis provide the answers needed for the definitive diagnosis of the patient, as well as the stage and prognosis of the disease.

Frozen section procedures

Frozen section examinations during surgery are a diagnostic procedure that takes place while the operation is ongoing. Tissue samples are sent to the lab requesting urgent intraoperative consultation (the so-called frozen sections or quick sections). Then, based on the pathologist’s analysis, the surgeons decide on the scope of the operation.

This is done most often when a malignant tumour is suspected – if the pathologists confirm it, radical surgery is done. In this way, the need is eliminated for a two-stage surgery which would traumatize the patient and increase the risk.


In 2019, the lab started doing immunohistochemical analyses using an automated stainer and standardized procedures. Immunohistochemistry is a technique for selectively identifying antigens in cells from tissue sections. It is based on the principle of specificity of antibody-antigen binding. We analyze a broad spectrum of immunohistochemical markers expressed in various tissues and diseases. In this way, we improve the precision of diagnosis and treatment, especially in cancer cases. Pre-cancers can also be confirmed, and differential diagnosis is made easier.

Cervical cancer screening smears

The lab participates in cancer prevention and prophylaxis procedures, processing and analyzing cervical smears to exclude precancerous conditions and cancer of the cervix in women and girls.

Foetal autopsy after pregnancy termination for foetal anomaly

The lab confirms morphologic diagnoses of foetal anomalies after pregnancy termination.


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