Microbiology lab

Nadezhda hospital’s Microbiology lab was established on 12 Feb 2014. It is located in a restricted access sector on the hospital’s first floor.

специалист изследва клетки под микроскоп

About Microbiology lab

The lab is equipped with modern medical solutions for inoculating and growing microbial cultures, emergency blood culture equipment, a bacterial identification system, and laboratory thermostats and refrigerators.

лаборант анализира микробиологична проба в болница "Надежда"

Types of tests

The Microbiology lab performs testing on swabs of all types of biological secretions, blood cultures, endometrial biopsies, aspirate specimens, etc. The most frequent types of tests we do are those related to the genitals and reproductive system, such as vaginal and cervical swabs, ejaculates, and biopsy samples.

Important information

  • Microbial cultures take a minimum of 48 hours, and if a pathogen is confirmed that has to be identified and tested for antimicrobial susceptibility, results require longer – from three to four office days.
  • Test results can be retrieved from the hospital database both in person or online via the website.

NB! Test results should only be interpreted by the treating physician, and if necessary – by the clinical microbiologist.

The lab accepts specimens brought from home, if strict instructions on aseptic sampling and transportation has been observed.

Patients can contact the Microbiology lab via the hospital call centre at phone no.: +359 2441 79 70 or +359 882 193 970.

Lab test results

You can acces your lab test results here:

Head of Microbiology lab

Lab technicians

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