Endometriosis and Adenomyosis – the two evil sisters

Leading Bulgarian IVF expert Dr Stamenov to give a talk in London

08.04.2022 | 15:26


Endometriosis and Adenomyosis – the two evil sisters on your fertility journey is the title of the talk Dr Georgi Stamenov will give in London on Saturday, 7 May 2022 from 10:30 AM as part of the Seminar program of The Fertility Show LIVE.

Dr Stamenov, Nadezhda Hospital founder and Head of IVF, will explain how these diseases affect fertility and what are the modern methods of reproductive medicine for their diagnosis and treatment.

One in ten women worldwide has endometriosis, but its symptoms are often overlooked or misinterpreted, and the time to diagnosis and treatment can be too long, which results in various complications, including impaired fertility.

Nadezhda hospital is a European leader in fertility treatment in the so-called complex cases: couples with multiple previous IVFs, repeated implantation failure or recurrent miscarriages (often caused by endometriosis or adenomyosis), couples of advanced reproductive age, women with diminished ovarian reserve or poor responders, various uterine pathologies, immune or genetic problems, severe male factor.

The secret to Nadezhda Hospital’s success with such couples lies in the personalised, multidisciplinary approach to each case and the unique hospital facilities and organisation featuring all under the same roof – fertility consultants, minimally invasive gynaecological surgeons, consultant specialists, eight high-tech labs. Our case management includes comprehensive, in-depth testing and analysis to pinpoint the underlying cause of a couple’s fertility issues or previous failed attempts. Advances of modern science are routinely employed to tailor the precise diagnosis and the best treatment strategy to improve the couple’s chances of success.

Booking for free case consultations with Dr Stamenov and his IVF team at The Fertility Show is ongoing. Pre-scheduled slots are limited; request your booking today at e-mail: [email protected]!

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