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The acupuncture office at Nadezhda Hospital provides a therapy, which causes the activation of neuro-vegetative centers in the body by sticking needles in certain well-defined locations on the skin surface, which has an effect beneficial for the patient’s health.


The acupuncture office is located on the first floor of Multi-Profile Hospital for Active Treatment Nadezhda where patients will be seen to by Evgeni Liksov, M.D. – an expert with many years of experience in Chinese traditional medicine and acupuncture therapy.

To get acupuncture therapy, you need to book an appointment by calling +359 899 103 858. 

Globally, dry needling is being increasingly used to treat various conditions, individually or in conjunction with the tools of modern medicine, as an alternative approach that achieves real results in the treatment of numerous conditions. 

Many studies in the USA and Europe demonstrate increased success rates, including of assisted reproductive technologies, when used in conjunction with acupuncture treatment. As a result, the use of acupuncture for embryo transfer has become a routine practice globally. The main goal is, over several procedures, to suppress micro contractions of the uterine muscles while improving blood supply to its mucosa, thereby assisting the embryo implantation.

The use of acupuncture of this type and volume produces clear evidence of its effectiveness: success rate improves by 14%.

What should patients know about acupuncture for embryo transfer?

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