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The genetic consultations office of Nadezhda Hospital accepts patients with various issues from all over the country: couples with reproductive challenges, pregnant women with fetal risks, families with hereditary diseases in the family tree, etc.


Patients of  Nadezhda Hospital can receive a genetic consultation by Professor Savina Hadzhidekova, Head of Genetics Lab, and Rada Staneva, M.D.

First, you need to book an appointment online through the hospital website or the call center at telephone +3592/ 441 79 70 or +359882 193 970, or on site at the Registry Office.

The outpatient office for pre-test and post-test genetic consultations receives both patients of the hospital and external patients.

The Clinical Lab that takes biological samples for analysis is right in front of the office.

The consultations aim to create a comprehensive concept of the development and heritability of inherited diseases or predispositions, to assign proper diagnostic tests, to interpret the results, predict the risk of the condition, to select a treatment approach and to discuss possibilities for prevention.

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