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In the genetic consulting office of Nadezhda Hospital, tests for the diagnosis of genetic diseases and screening tests for the detection of predisposition to various types of diseases are assigned. 

генетични консултации за изследвания за диагностика на генетични заболявания и скринингови тестове за откриване на предразположение към различни видове заболявания в МБАЛ "Надежда"

The consulting geneticists at the Nadezhda Hospital are:

  • Prof Savina Hadzhidekova – works with children (aged 0 to 18 years), and with adults;
  • Dr Rada Staneva – works with children (aged 0 to 18 years), and with adults.

The medical genetic consulting office for pre-test and post-test consultations accepts both patients of the hospital and external patients. Consulting aims at building a comprehensive concept regarding the development and transmission of an inherited disease or predisposition, prescribing appropriate diagnostic tests, interpreting the results, predicting disease risk, selecting a therapeutic approach, and discussing prevention options.


Appointment pre-booking is required online through the hospital website, through the call center at  02/ 441 79 70, or 0882 193 970, or on site at the Reception Desk.

Consultant geneticists

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