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The establishment of an office of Clinical Haematology in Nadezhda Hspital is one more step toward building the image of an innovative and a different hospital.


Consultations are provided by Kameliya Milcheva, M.D. in MC Nadezhda in Paradise Center, level 3.

Booking in advance is required, using the hospital website, the Registration Desk, or by calling +3592 441 79 70, +359882 193970.

All patients aged 18 or older, who have a newly diagnosed or already established hematology issue, shall be able to rely on hematology consultation.

The office provides for an opportunity for female consultations during each pregnancy period, with an option for diagnostics and treatment of the most frequent hematology complications, such as iron deficiency anemia (IDA), anemia related to folic acid deficit and/or vitamin B 12 and thrombocytopenia.

Iron deficiency anaemia

It is one of the most-frequent diseases on a global scale, mostly affecting women. Furthermore, in pregnant women (particularly in case of multiple pregnancy), IDA is most frequently encountered in women with heavy and continued menstruation, nursing mothers, and in case of various issues in the gastrointestinal tract, such as gastritis, Ulcer, hemorrhoids, etc. The early establishment of iron deficiency (mostly among the above-listed risk groups) results in efficacious prophylactics and prevention of this medical issue.

Haematology issues during pregnancy

These issues are very frequent. Normally this a condition of anemia (low hemoglobin), or thrombocytopenia (decreased thrombocyte count). Luckily, more than 90% of cases are not a real disease, but rather a deviation from the norm. With timely diagnosing and adequate follow-up of the anemia, and thrombocytes can be efficiently prophylactically treated, to ensure normal conditions for the pregnancy.

For diagnostics purposes

The office of Clinical Hematology may rely on the route study of the following laboratory indicators: complete blood count with differential blood count and morphology of erythrocytes and thrombocytes – the so-called “peripheral blood swab”; the iron metabolism indicators – serum iron, total iron-binding capacity, index of transferrin saturation, serum ferritin; folic acid level and vitamin B 12 in the serum, etc.

Consultant haematologist

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