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At the nephrology consulting office of Nadezhda Medical Center in Paradise Center diagnostic, follow-up and preventive examinations of the urinary system are performed in children from 0 to 18 years of age. 

нефрологични консултации за диагностика, проследяване и профилактика на отделителната система при деца от 0 до 18-годишна възраст

The consulting nephrologist at Nadezhda Hospital is:

  • Dr Yordanka Velichkova – works with adults.

The consulting nephrologists at Nadezhda Medical Center in Paradise Centre, level 3, are:

  • Dr Galya Zlatanova – works with children (appointment booking is carried out through the call center of the hospital);
  • Dr Stefka Yankova –  works with children (appointment booking is carried out through the call center of the hospital).

The consulting office is equipped with high quality ultrasound equipment, close to a laboratory for routine examinations as well as those assessing kidney function.


When previous examinations and consultations are performed, they are presented chronologically and in an appropriate form.

In newborn infants, it is important to present the birth discharge summary, as well as fetal ultrasonography documents if a congenital abnormality of the urinary system is found.


Consultations are available by pre-booking an appointment online through the hospital website, through the call center at +3592 441 79 70, +359882 193 970 or on-site at the Reception Desk.



If you have an appointment for a child’s consultation and he/she is not registered as our patient, a personal profile will be created in our in-hospital system upon their first visit. This requires the parent/guardian to provide the Registrar’s Office with the child’s personal ID number If the parent cannot provide the personal ID number, the examination may not take place. 

The following activities are performed in the pediatric nephrology office:

Consultant pediatric nephrologists

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