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Diagnosis, treatment and follow-up of various neurological disorders are carried out in the neurological consultation offices of Nadezhda Hospital and Nadezhda Medical Center in Paradise Center.

невролог извършва преглед на пациент на болница "Надежда"

The consulting neurologist at Nadezhda Hospital is:

  • Dr Diana Atanasova – works with adults.

The consulting neurologists at Nadezhda Medical Center in Paradise Center, level 3, are:

  • Dr Petrana Petrova-Marinova – works with children;
  • Dr Daniela Dimova – works with adults. 

Appointment pre-booking is necessary, through the call center at +3592 441 79 70, +359882 193 970, online through the website of the hospital, or on-site at the Reception Desk.



If you have an appointment for a child’s consultation and he/she is not registered as our patient, a personal profile will be created in our in-hospital system upon their first visit. This requires the parent/guardian to provide the Registrar’s Office with the child’s personal ID number If the parent cannot provide the personal ID number, the examination may not take place. 

Consultations and examinations for adults

In addition to the clinical exam, the patient can also undergo instrumental diagnostics, such as:

  • Doppler sonography (DS) of cerebral vessels – performed when poor cerebral perfusion is suspected – when cerebral atherosclerosis, partial or complete blockage of cerebral vessels is suspected.

Consultations and examinations in the neurology office are carried out for the following diseases:

Consultations and examinations in the childhood

The office has an ultrasound machine for ultrasound examination of various anatomical areas, including transfontanelle ultrasonography and EEG apparatus equipped with a silicone helmet, without electrodes fixed to it. 

The most common cases that require consultation with a pediatric neurologist are: 

Consultant neurologists

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