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In the oncology consulting office of Nadezhda Hospital, the possibilities for the drug treatment (chemotherapy, immunotherapy, target therapy, hormone therapy) of solid tumors with different localizations are discussed – breast cancer, gynecological and urological tumors, lung cancer, colon cancer, and others. It is also possible to consult with a specialist on documents in order to obtain a second opinion.

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Consulting oncologists

The consulting oncologists at Nadezhda Hospital are:

  • Dr Mila Petrova – works with adults;
  • Prof. Dr Ivan Shterev – works with adults;
  • Dr Teodora Karanikolova works with adults;
  • Dr Georgi Zhbantov – works with adults;
  • Dr Radostina Gencheva – works with adults.

In their practice, the experienced oncologists of the  Medical Oncology Clinic of Nadezhda Hospital routinely apply a wide range of laboratory and imaging tests to achieve precise diagnosis and strict follow-up of the therapy administered.

Appointment pre-booking is necessary, through the call center at +3592 441 79 70, +359882 193 970 or on-site at the Reception Desk.

Consultations for patients with oncological diseases before starting treatment

Patients with oncological diseases from Sofia and all over the country are consulted by the medical oncology specialists of Nadezhda Hospital to plan their treatment and discuss the need for further medical examinations.

At the consulting office subjects of discussion are also the opportunities for patients to be included in ongoing clinical trials at Nadezhda Hospital.

Drug treatment strategies and options – chemotherapy, targeted therapy, immunotherapy, hormone therapy, as well as adverse drug reactions from anti-tumor treatment – are discussed in detail with patients and their relatives.

Consultations for patients during the ongoing treatment – second opinion

Our Medical oncology specialists also consult patients with all types of solid malignant tumors who have already started treatment but wish to receive a second opinion for diagnosis and treatment.

Oncological diseases and preserving the chance to have a child

All patients of reproductive age should be informed by their physician about fertility preservation options before starting treatment.

This is an official recommendation of the most authoritative medical oncology and reproductive medicine organizations in the world, such as ESMO, ASCO and ESHRE.

At Nadezhda, the medical oncologists work closely with the team of reproductive specialists, and eggs or sperm freezing prior to the start of therapy can be performed without the risk of delaying treatment.

The procedure is completely safe for patients and does not affect the prognosis of the underlying disease in any way.

If the patient is a woman with cancer up to the age of 34, she may benefit from government funding of the egg freezing procedure through the Assisted Reproductive Technology Fund.

If the patient is male, sperm sparing will be carried out at no cost to the patient.

Possibility to participate in clinical trials at Nadezhda

At the Medical oncology clinic of Nadezhda Hospital, drug treatment is carried out not only with the drugs registered in the country, but also with the most advanced drug protocols through participation in clinical trials.

The oncology specialists of the Medical Oncology Clinic of Nadezhda Hospital are highly sought-after partners in the research teams of international clinical trials in which the most advanced drugs for the treatment of solid malignant tumors are developed.

PET-scan tests and radiotherapy

When PET-scanning and radiotherapy are required, all oncologists at the Medical Oncology Clinic work in close collaboration with medical specialists from the relevant units at other medical institutions in Sofia.

When necessary, patients are referred to them for the necessary diagnosis and treatment.

How to make an appointment

For a consultation with the medical oncology specialists of Nadezhda Hospital, it is necessary to make an appointment in advance at the Reception Desk, through the call center at +3592 441 79 70, +359882 193970 or online.

Consultant oncologists

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