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Experts from the Medical oncology clinic of Nadezhda Hospital consult patients about the drug treatment of solid tumors with various localizations – breast cancer, gynaecological and urological tumors, lung cancer, colon cancer, and others. There is an option for a consultation by document review, to receive a second opinion.


The consultations office employs 

Consultations are provided from Mila Petrova, M.D., Margarita Taushanova, M.D., Teodora Karanikolova, M.D., Prof. Ivan Shterev, and Georgi Zhbantov, M.D. at Nadezhda Hospital and Medical Center Nadezhda in Paradise Center.

First, you need to book an appointment the Registry Office, through the call center by calling +3592,441 79 70, +359882 193970, or online.

Consultations are provided to patients with solid tumors before treatment start, as well as during treatment (as a second consultation). The strategies and possibilities for drug treatment, as well as the adverse drug reactions from the tumor treatment, will be discussed in detail with the patients and their loved ones. The office provides consultations for patients with all types of solid tumors. If it is necessary to run a PET scan and radiotherapy, the medical oncology clinic works in close collaboration with the respective units in other medical establishments.

Dr. Petrova, Dr. Karanikolova and Dr. Zhbantov also accept patients for consultations covered under the Health Insurance Fund with an oncologist referral by their GP. 

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