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The Pulmonology Outpatient Office at Nadezhda Medical Center at Paradise Center provides consultations regarding respiratory diseases for children of ages from 0 to 18.

деткси пулмолог на болница "Надежда" преслушва бебе по време на преглед

The consulting pulmonologist at Nadezhda Medical Center in Paradise Centre, level 3, is:

  • Associate Professor Iren Tsocheva, a specialist in Pediatric Pulmonology and  Phthisiology, is available for the patients of MC Nadezhda in Paradise Center.

The professional interests of Associate Professor Tsocheva are in development of Bronchial Asthma during the childhood period, the impact of prematurity over the respiratory function in youth age, virus, and bacterial respiratory infections, limiting the abuse of antibiotics, preventive medicine at an early childhood age.


Appointment is required in advance at the Registration Desk by calling 02 441 79 70, 0882 193970, or booking online.



If you have an appointment for a child’s consultation and he/she is not registered as our patient, a personal profile will be created in our in-hospital system upon their first visit. This requires the parent/guardian to provide the Registrar’s Office with the child’s personal ID number If the parent cannot provide the personal ID number, the examination may not take place. 

Most common respiratory diseases in children

Patients are seen in the Pulmonology Outpatient Office for diagnosis, treatment and follow-up of various respiratory diseases, as well as for monitoring respiratory function:

In order to carry out the most effective consultation, it is necessary that the parents have previously systematized the consultations (in the form of outpatient sheets) and examinations carried out on this occasion. In the case of recurrent respiratory seizures in children, it is helpful to have a record of such an episode as it may not be observed at the time of the examination. If possible, the child should not have eaten copiously in the previous hour so as not to impede the examination and spirometry if necessary.

Types of tests tests

The Pediatric Pulmonology Clinic at Nadezhda Medical Center has equipment for functional respiratory testing (spirometry). Spirometry is a test that gives an idea of the functional capacity of the lungs, the processes of inhalation and exhalation and the amount of air that passes through the lungs during the normal respiratory cycle. Spirometry is particularly valuable for objectifying airway obstruction characteristic of bronchial asthma and for monitoring the effect of treatment. A major challenge in this test is the need for active cooperation on the part of the child. A number of computer animations come to the rescue, contributing to active cooperation from the young patient. Thanks to the patience and experience of the pediatric pulmonologist at Nadezhda MC, it is possible to carry out this study successfully as early as at the age of 5-6.

A multifunctional ultrasound machine is also available in the pulmonology office of Nadezhda Medical Center. Thoracic ultrasound has developed tremendously in the last 2 years of the COVID-19 pandemic. This method allows monitoring of pneumonic changes in the lungs without X-ray irradiation. Thoracic ultrasonography is a particularly valuable, noninvasive, rapid, reproducible, and safe diagnostic method in infants with bronchiolitis that contributes to the assessment of disease severity. 

The pediatric pulmonologist at Nadezhda Medical Center is certified to perform thoracic ultrasonography.

Consultant pulmonologist

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