outpatient offices


Primary examinations and planning of surgeries, control medical examinations, and performance of outpatient surgical interventions, such as bandages, sutures, punctions, washings, etc.

хирурзи на болница "Надежда" в операционната

Primary consultation with the surgeon you selected, shall be performed at the reception and consultation office of the Department of Surgery– Office 012 on the ground floor of Nadezhda Hospital, or in MC Nadezhda in Paradise Center, level 3, after a preliminary booking of an appointment.


You can book an appointment online using the hospital website or the call-center, by calling +3592/441 79 70, +359882 193970.


During the primary examination, the surgeon shall take the medical history, shall be introduced in detail with the documents that you present to them, and shall inform you of the surgical approach, which can be applied for your case in particular – conventional (with abdominal access), or laparoscopy (through a bloodless operation), and the surgeon shall clarify the benefits and risks, involved in each of them. Within this examination, you can discuss the options for planned admission to the department and booking a surgery date.


If you get medications, which affect blood clotting, you must notify your surgeon during the primary examination. If necessary, these medications need to be stopped several days prior to the surgery. Please also report any allergies that you may have, also other comorbidities, by presenting the necessary documents for them – test results, medical records.


Other than primary examination and scheduling a surgery, the Nadezhda Hospital Surgical Office also does control medical examinations, as well as outpatient surgical interventions – dressings, sutures, punctions, cleaning, etc.

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