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The office offers consultation for men with urological complaints, for women with urological diseases, or for issues with the excretory system – kidneys, urethra, bladder, male reproductive system, and the female urethra.

уролог на болница "Надежда" консултира пациент

Consultations are provided by Jaudat Makki, M.D. in Multi-Profile Hospital for Active Treatment Nadezhda and MC Nadezhda in Paradise Center, level 3. 

The office shall also have the possibility of performing small surgical interventions – removal of warts with local anesthesia; for babies with physiological phimosis, detachment of prepuce (foreskin covering the head of the penis) shall be completed.

Makki, M.D. also performs andrological consultations for men with reproductive difficulties and deviations from the results of the spermogram, with the option of assigning a conservative or a surgical treatment.

Advance booking of an appointment is required, done online through the hospital website, or using the call center, by calling +3592 441 79 70, +359882193970, 0882193972.

Nadezhda Hospital can do a large range of surgeries related to the male reproductive system:

In cases of oncology diseases, patients may continue their treatment in the Medical Oncology clinic that the office works in direct cooperation with.

Consultant urologist

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