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Vascular surgeon

Complete vascular diagnostics of the arterial and venous system is performed in the doctor’s office.

кръвоносен съд с червени и бели кръвни телца

Precise ultrasound diagnostics, completed by a qualified specialist (vascular surgeon), with the support of highly specialized and state-of-the-art equipment, and the selection of a correct method, or a combination of treatment methods for each individual patient, is the most important step for successful overcoming of various venous and arterial diseases.

Vladimir Maslarov, M.D. and Vasil Kozarov, M.D. are available to Nadezhda Hospital patients for this purpose, after booking an appointment in advance using the website of the hospital, at the Registration Desk, or by calling +3592 441 79 70 or +359882 193970

Ultrasound vascular diagnostics

Examination of the arterial system:

Examination of the venous system:

Consultant vascular surgeons

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