Knowing the great responsibility upon us, we dedicate our every effort:

централно фоайе на болница "Надежда"

We do believe that there is an individual treatment plan for every patient and that this plan must be drafted and implemented with the patient’s informed consent. We fight on your side, and together we will find the right steps to your long-awaited child. We will discuss and make decisions together. Only together we will succeed!

Why choose Nadezhda?

We embrace the most complex cases.

We constantly see people who have suffered defeat everywhere else come seek our help. To us, success rates are only a number, and we do not hesitate to take complex cases written off by other clinics. What truly matters to us is that you have your baby.

Our philosophy is to personalise each case.

We do not subscribe to the one-size-fits-all approach. We will start our work on your case with an in-depth investigation and analysis of your medical history, and then we will proceed with all tests necessary to find the root cause of your fertility issues. Then, a detailed action plan will then follow, which will be discussed with you, and only then will we commence treatment. This strategy maximises the chances of success.

We invent new methods transferred into practice.

There is no ‘standard’ treatment cycle at our clinic. We have advanced research labs that help us translate scientific novelty into clinical practice. This is the key to our success where others have failed.

With us, you will never hear ‘You’re asking too many questions.’

We believe that your treatment is a quest we must conquer together with you. That is why we take the time to explain every detail and analyse every aspect together. And again, together, we draw the strategy that would lead us to your victory.


We are always there for you.

After you become our patient, our team is always there for you to answer your every question – by phone, e-mail, or in person at the doctor’s office.


We strongly believe in the immunological factor of infertility.

Embryo implantation is a process that is directly related to your immunity. Some IVF clinics still consider this irrelevant and investigate this factor very scantily, or not at all. Our scientific research in this field has yielded various new methods to support implantation.

We follow up on new pregnancies through to the end.

We closely monitor our pregnant patients and treat them with extraordinary attention and care. We do more in-depth tests, and we do early checks for abnormalities and defects. We established a School for future parents too, so you can feel calm and secure in the weeks until the great date when you meet your baby.


We have successfully integrated alternative medicine methods into our work.

Acupuncture helps enhance the blood flow to the ovaries and uterus and decrease stress hormones levels. Sessions are delivered at Nadezhda hospital by a medical doctor specialised in acupuncture. Every patient has a personalised plan.

We won’t give up on you.

No matter how complex your case may be, even if there’s only a minuscule chance for success, we are dedicated to walking the path with you and never giving up on you and your baby.

All this is not because hope is the last to die, but because it just never dies!

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Babies born in Nadezhda
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Board Certified Physicians
+ 1000
IVF cycles annually

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