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Egg freezing (social freezing) is a procedure suitable for women who wish to have a child but are not yet ready for this. The procedure is a quick and safe way for them to secure their plans for the future.

All you have to do is call us, and we can start immediately, even on the next day!
The whole procedure takes up to ten days and can start regardless of the day of your period. It will only require three or four visits, conveniently scheduled according to your time.

What brings you here is the important and responsible decision you made to secure your future and the hope for tomorrow. We will support you in making this real step-by-step – quick and safe. To do this together, you need to contact our call centre at +359 882 193970, and within 24 hours, you will have your first appointment with one of our fertility consultants.

The process includes the following:

Initial consultation

During this first visit, the consultant gynaecologist will carefully assess your medical history and current health condition. They will do a scan with high-resolution 3D ultrasound, which will allow detailed examination, evaluation and diagnosis of your reproductive organs. Next, blood tests will be assigned for you to measure the levels of four essential reproductive hormones: the follicle-stimulating hormone (FSH), the luteinising hormone (LH), estradiol (Е2), and anti-Mullerian hormone (AMH). Once the test results are ready, the doctor will discuss them with you and propose the type of ovarian stimulation accordingly. They will plan the start date, the number and schedule of monitoring visits, and the estimated egg retrieval date. 

We recommend that you bring all your medical documentation to the initial consultation, especially if you have any concurrent illness or inherited disease.

On this first visit, you will have the chance to discuss all your questions with your consultant.

Controlled ovarian stimulation

It is necessary to stimulate the ovaries to collect a more significant number of eggs for freezing. This is achieved with hormonal medications applied for about ten days. This way, instead of only one matured oocyte, we can collect five, ten, or more simultaneously. In some cases, a procedure without hormonal stimulation is recommended – then, eggs can be retrieved during the natural cycle. 

Since every woman responds differently to the various hormonal medications, we strictly adhere to the individualised approach in stimulation protocols and monitoring at Nadezhda hospital. You will have around three to four visits to your fertility consultant so they can assess how you respond to stimulation. They will check the number and size of the growing follicles and your hormonal levels. 

The stimulation medication is applied in our manipulations office right next to the central foyer of the hospital. If you prefer, our fertility midwives can instruct you in detail on how to apply the medications yourself at home.

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Egg retrieval

When your fertility consultant confirms that the number and size of the follicles have reached the desired stage, it is time for the eggs to be collected. This is done under short sedation when the gynaecologist reaches the ovary with a long thin needle under ultrasound guidance. Then they puncture each follicle and aspirate the fluid inside which the eggs are found. Right afterwards, the embryologist will inspect the fluid under the microscope to check for eggs, wash them and place them in special culturing media. Remember that the number of eggs retrieved does not always equal the preliminary follicle count. 

Egg retrieval typically lasts about five to ten minutes, after which you will remain under monitoring for the next two to four hours. It is advisable to avoid driving and to stay home after the procedure.

Egg freezing

Eggs are evaluated by a qualified embryologist and are then frozen by vitrification, the most successful method of ultrafast cooling. After incubation in a concentrated cryoprotectant, eggs are placed on special storage devices and are directly plunged into liquid nitrogen.

The period of frozen storage is chosen by you when signing the contract.

After eggs are frozen, they are in the care of the experienced biologists of our cryobank, who monitor the storage conditions and maintain the highest level of safety for your reproductive cells. The quality of your eggs will remain unchanged irrespective of the period they are stored. 

Contract for egg cryopreservation/ egg destruction

You will sign a contract for egg cryopreservation and storage, which specifies all the conditions of freezing and the period of storage of part or all of the viable genetic material, the rights and obligations of the parties, the methods of payment and termination of the contract. After the expiry of the contract, if you so wish, it may be extended by signing an annex. If you require any assistance or further information, please contact tel. 0887 701 927.




In accordance with Regulation No. H-2 of 12 July 2023 on assisted reproduction activities of the Ministry of Health

Art. 71. Good reasons for the withdrawal and destruction of ova, spermatozoa and zygotes are:


  1. the written certified wish of the patients;
  1. the expiry of the maximum storage period requested by the patients when signing the declaration of informed consent prior to cryopreservation;
  1. the risk of cross-contamination or transmission of bacterial or mycotic infection;
  1. the risk of cross-contamination or transmission of a transmissible disease (HIV, hepatitis B and C, syphilis, etc.);
  1. the expiry of more than 6 months after the requested storage period for unclaimed sperm, ova or zygotes;
  1. the death of the spouse/partner, irrespective of the existence of a declared wish during his/her lifetime, in respect of spermatozoa or zygotes, except in the cases referred to in paragraph 5.9 of Section IV of Annex 1 to Art. 1, т. 1;
  1. the death of the spouse/partner, notwithstanding the existence of a declared wish during lifetime, in respect of oocytes or zygotes;
  1. the establishment of a disease in an anonymous donor which can be transmitted to the offspring or the recipient;
  1. the impossibility of securely identifying donors or tracing the path of genetic material due to incorrect or missing labelling or confusion during processing.
All you have to do is call us, and we can start immediately, even on the next day!
The whole procedure takes up to ten days and can start regardless of the day of your period. It will only require three or four visits, conveniently scheduled according to your time.


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