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reproductive medicine

Fertility preservation

Recent years have seen an alarming trend reported by reproductive medicine experts: female and male fertility decline is setting off at an earlier age. Many contributing factors are discussed, most of them related to modern lifestyles. When one of the most critical decisions in life – that of parenthood – depends to such an extent on the invisible clocks ticking inside our bodies, it is even more important to get to know as much about it as possible in order to make informed decisions and plans.


Social (elective) egg and sperm freezing

If you are delaying parenthood today or don’t have any close plans for it for various reasons, a possible preventive option for fertility preservation is egg or sperm freezing. In this way, once you feel ready to commence your journey to parenthood, you will have reproductive material with much better potential, untouched by the course of time, so your chances will be much better.

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Medical egg and sperm freezing

Fertility preservation or egg and sperm freezing are often done by men and women who have medical reasons for it, like commencing cancer treatment, for example, or because of a disease or condition they have, as some autoimmune or rheumatoid diseases irreversibly impair fertility. If you are about to start cancer treatment, do seek information on whether your planned therapy could put your future chances for parenthood at risk. When facing such an ordeal, one does not always have clarity about all aspects of the forthcoming treatment and its side effects. The risk of loss of fertility and options for fertility preservation should always be discussed with your treating specialist when your reproductive health could be adversely affected by the disease or condition you have or by its therapy.

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