биолог от "Надежда" извършва обработка на сперматозоиди

reproductive medicine

Specialised tests

These include tests and interventions from different medical fields, such as medical imaging, reproductive surgery, medical genetics, immunology, andrology. They require advanced medical expertise, solid experience, and high-tech equipment, all of which have been available for the patients of Nadezhda since its establishment.


When the baby is not coming, the first visits to a gynaecologist consultant are usually routine check-ups – ultrasound exams and blood work for various hormones. However, a much more comprehensive array of diagnostic and treatment options is available in the fertility clinic for couples with difficulties conceiving.

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For the female partner

One of the first specialised fertility tests for the female partner is hysterosalpingography (HSG), which checks tubal patency. In specific indications, specialised tests can also include genetic and immunology tests and advanced tests of the uterine lining – IMPO, immunology biopsy, microbiology biopsy. If a suspected condition cannot be diagnosed or treated conservatively, reproductive surgery modalities such as laparoscopy and hysteroscopy (including office hysteroscopy) come at hand. Which approach is best for your case is for your fertility consultant to decide, based on the specifics of your case.

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For the male partner

In case of fertility concerns, the first specialised test for the male partner is semen analysis. Afterwards, this can be followed by more advanced tests available at the Andrology lab at Nadezhda hospital, such as the SDI test, Halo test, sperm viability test, antisperm antibody test, semen WBC count, etc. Your fertility consultant may also advise for genetic tests or a consultation with an andrology specialist to diagnose and treat various diseases or conditions that affect the male reproductive system.

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